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SMS(Short Message Service)
Advanced Programming InterfaceAPI/SMPP
Personal SMS content delivery via Excel SMS
Email to SMS
Mobile to Mobile(M2M)
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
Virtual Mobile Number(VMN)
Number Lookup
Tailor-Made 2Way Interactive SMS App
Location Based SMS(LBS)

SMS ( Short Message Service)

Refuse to accept the information register
Customize the sender number (Caller ID)
Detailed report SMS send
(can be downloaded to Excel view)
High stability (treated with millions of text messages per minute)
24 hours to follow up (secretary sent valet

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Advanced Programming InterfaceAPI

SMS API supports the application of various programming language to write programs through HTTP/HTTPS POST, GET, SOAP, or.net Web services connect our network to send SMS

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Number Lookup

Operators and network status real-time query number belong to main functions:
Support service number portability (MNP).
Return for MCC/newsun focus, name of operators.
Incorrect number in return.
Through the API to access (HTTP POST/GET/SOAP/the.net Web Service)

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